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A conditioner bar is a solid hair conditioner, made with hydrating butters, oils and extracts, but without water present, eliminating the need for plastic packaging. The conditioner bars are great because they are convenient, plastic free, nearly package free, long lasting and made from natural ingredients. They are super portable, space-saving & great for travel. Plus, they go hand-in-hand with the shampoo bars. 

Ingredients Explained: Sometimes we get a little confused about ingredients we aren't familiar with so here I've added a little explanation of the less familiar components of the conditioner bar.

BTMS Conditioning Emulsifier is an excellent cationic self-emulsifier and conditioner for both hair and skin care. It is naturally derived from Colza oil. For hair, BTMS boosts  body and spring and improves wet combing. 

Cetyl Alcohol is naturally derived from coconut oil. This fatty alcohol improves product stability and creaminess in emulsions. 

Oat Protein is made from whole oats and increases hydration.

Dl-Panthenol, also known as Pro-Vitamin B5 adds long lasting moisturization. It is reported to increase the strength of the hair shaft and prevent hair damage caused by overheating and over drying hair and scalp. Panthenol conditions hair without build-up and reduces damage from split ends.

Germall Plus is a highly effective, non-paraben antimicrobials.

Approx. 1.0 oz bar


This is a natural product, made without added preservatives. To maintain freshness, store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Better than I had hoped

    I was a bit hesitant to make the move to a bar style shampoo and conditioner, even more so when I saw the size of the bars considering the cost. I was wrong to worry! My hair feels better than ever and that small package free bar will last longer than most huge plastic bottled shampoo and conditioners I have always used. Better for my hair, better for the environment, a win-win. Very happy with my purchase.

    Thick hair, don't care

    I've used the same big-brand shampoo and conditioner for most of my life - mostly because I thought it was the only product that could keep my hair from tangling or matting up. When I began looking for plastic-free lifestyle swaps, I was unsure if I could switch to a conditioner bar - I didn't think any would be up to the task - but BodyTruth's bar proved me wrong! The little bar is so moisturizing, it only takes a little bit to get through my whole head of hair. I will be purchasing several next time I'm back in Lawrence!

    Amazing product

    The shampoo smells amazing and lasts so long! My hair feels great and can go longer in between washes than when I used regular shampoo. I also loved that the packaging was eco-friendly.

    The absolute best product for your hair.

    This conditioner will transform your hair. Its is so easy to use, the bar glides over your hair and makes it soft, silky and shiny without any oily residue. The only thing I wish was that it came in bigger bars!

    Sleek and Shiny!

    I have pixie cut, mostly straight hair and was looking for a conditioner that was package free and didn't weigh my short hair down. I wasn't sure at first exactly how to use solid conditioner but just rubbed it over my hair like a bar of soap, massaged it in and left it for a bit. After rinsing my hair off I totally noticed a difference in the way it felt and looked, way more sleek with a luster to it than before! I would definitely recommend this product to many friends.

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