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BODYTRUTH brand Daily Shave Recovery Kit

Aftershave Recovery Kit

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The Aftershave Recovery Kit

A clear complexion is everyone's desire. The BODYTRUTH© brand Aftershave Recovery Kit is a simple, regimen that brightens skin and tones pores. It promotes a healthy shave, clear skin and keeps bearded gents free from dry skin, dry beards and those wicked little dandruff flakes. 

This set is perfect for men with coarse hair, dry skin, eczema and folliculitis. Each product is infused with fresh essential oils that possess antibacterial properties which help the skin to recover with minimal bumps, scarring and discoloration. It also moisturizes and tames beards. 

The Aftershave Recovery Kit is premium plant-based skin care and makes a perfect gift set!

This kit includes: 

  • 1 - Bar of Awesome Soap (you choose)
  • 1 - 1 oz. Gold Elixir (Premium Recovery Oil) 
  • 1 - 2 oz. Organic Shave Recovery Balm -or- (2 oz. Free Spirit Shea Butter)
  • 1 - 4.25 oz bottle of Therapeutic Aftershave H2O  
  • 1 - Complimentary Earthen Clay Mask Pack

BODYTRUTH© brand GOLD ELIXIR is a 'premium' restorative oil created to serve you. Like a genie in a bottle GOLD ELIXIR asks, how mayest I serve thou? Shaving presents opportunities for bacteria to attack the skin, underneath the outer layer, especially when the hair is coarse. The ingredients in Gold Elixir delivers antibacterial protection while facilitating quick recovery to lessen the opportunity for folliculitis. Use this 'silky' oil as a pre-shave, post-shave and a healthy finishing oil for your beard. Gold Elixir is a richly infused elixir that we blend masterfully in our very own soap kitchen. You won't find another oil like this one.

BODYTRUTH© brand Organic Shave Recovery Balm provides instant relief + added 'post-shave' protection to prevent razor bumps and soothe razor burn on the head, face and nape. Infused with essential oils, it protects the skin from bacteria which is the cause of skin damage and discoloration. This is your go-to butter for dealing with those annoying nicks and cuts! 

Used regularly, Organic Recovery Balm softens rough, dry skin. However, as a natural butter, it duals as a finishing balm to tame your beard.

BODYTRUTH© brand Therapeutic Aftershave H2O is not your average aftershave. It's a soothing aloe based splash designed to soothe and protect skin post shave. With Peppermint, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender, Witch Hazel and alpha hydroxy, it gently smooths, tones, and rebalances for brighter skin & an  even complexion. Therapeutic Aftershave H2O can be used to refresh the beard and eliminate dandruff.

Earthen Clay Mask - This complimentary mask can be used to soften, detoxify, and prepare the skin before shaving or just anytime. A small amount can be mixed right in your hand with the Aftershave H2O (or plain water) and a few drops of Gold Elixir. Apply to the face and allow it to dry for 10 minutes. The clay will extract dirt, oil and toxins from deep within the pores. After 10 minutes, apply a warm-hot towel to remove the clay. Repeat with the hot towel and perform a final rinse. Proceed with your shave routine. If you aren't planning to shave, apply the Aftershave H2O or plain cool water to close the pores and proceed with grooming. This Earthen Clay Mask treatment will undoubtedly create baby soft skin. Use a maximum of 1x/week.

It's all about the finish. Every product in this set is naturally organic and specifically designed to give you clear, sexy skin and a healthy looking beard. We use fresh, herbal essential oils, leaving the fragrance oil for the cologne industry, so you can layer how you please.

No perfumes, No dyes, No irritants, No detergents, No parabens, No junk! 



    • Can this be used daily?
      Yes! This regimen (soap, aftershave, balm, beard oil) can be applied daily to protect the skin and groom the hair & beard. The complimentary clay is intended to be applied as a weekly treatment.

    • Why should the clay be used before shaving?
      It can be used before or after. However, our products focus not only on recovery but protection of the skin. Before shaving, we suggest that the skin is properly cleansed and protected. This helps to minimize opportunistic bacteria induced skin infections. Cleansing and treating skin prior to shaving prevents one from opening those pores and subsequently depositing dirt and bacteria into the skin. Still, the recommended use is 1x per week. In addition, we recommend our gold elixir as a pre-shave oil because it contains beneficial plant oils that possess antibacterial qualities. 

    • How is the clay applied?
      Add approx a tablespoon of clay to a small bowl or the palm of the hand. Add enough of the aftershave (or water) to create a loose paste. Add 2-3 drops of the beard oil and mix. Apply to the face and neck and let sit for 10 minutes. Wash the skin with a warm/hot towel to remove all of the clay and proceed with shaving. If you aren't planning to shave, apply the aftershave water or cool water to close the pores and proceed with grooming.

    • Contact us if you have additional questions.


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