"Hello, I purchased the Men's Facial Set and the soap was a HUGE hit, I would love to order more..."

A. Gamble
Clarkston, MI

"I am almost out of Lavender Night Cream and I NEED more. I could not find just that on the website. How could I order a big jar of that? Thanks for your help and LOVE the product! "

K. Hanna
St. Clair Shores, MI

"Have not had a facial in about 8 weeks....during that time I have bought your soap and used it daily....my esthetician said that my skin was glowing and I had no clogged pores....and to keep doing what I was doing....thank you for a great product..."

C. Collins
East Bloomfield, NY

"Been using your soap for almost a week....my skin is so soft do not even need lotion...I am hooked....thank you for a great product...." 

C. Collins
East Bloomfield, NY

"I tried, for the first time, the soap with sea salt, peppermint and charcoal! I love it. It felt soft, didn't dry out my skin. I enjoyed the tingly coolness of the peppermint on my skin."

K. Ling
Detroit, MI

"Great to meet you at the Tuesday Market today! Your yummy products are awesome! Enjoying the patchouli."

L. Stoyanovitch
Detroit, MI

"Just wanted to say I bought some of the eczema relief shea butter balm at the Eastern Market this past weekend. My 11 month old son has eczema and we have tried many different lotions, creams and balms some working better than others, but even the best ones have not been able to get rid of the worst of it behind his knees. In just 3 days, his legs are the best they have ever been and almost completely cleared. I'm really happy with this stuff and can't wait to try more products in the future."

L. Hartmann

 "I have to say as a very picky person when it comes to body products due to my celiac disease G.H. Soaps are amazing. My skin has never felt so good and It is now the only soap I will use. My boys who are 15 and 16 have now started using it and they would never use bar soap. I had stop using lotion because there weren't any gluten free that worked I now use their body lotion and couldn't be happier. I say all this to let you know that there are many different people making "natural " body products out there but these amazing women do more than just make the real natural product's, they truly look for ways to make it better."

T. Hall

"I am in love with your soaps. Especially the sea salt and peppermint. So fresh, clean and smells amazing!! Keep up the good work!" 

S. Byrne

"I started using the Birch Tar Soap and it is one of the BEST SOAP I have ever used. It's rejuvenating and very refreshing and aromatic. My skin looks and feels GREAT!!. Thanks for creating an awesome product without the added chemicals, etc."

I. Ansari
Novi, MI