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😲 We are currently on pause... thank you for your understanding!
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Charitable Giving

Bodytruth Gives Back

Let's Work Together

Bodytruth is committed to making the greatest positive impact in communities we are part of. Since opening its doors in downtown Lawrence, Bodytruth has donated hundreds of bars of thoughtfully crafted soap and self-care spa boxes to support the community's needs for personal care.

Wellness lies at the heart of Bodytruth, and this year the company is choosing to support the needs of the community through its wellness collective. In considering new, collaborative ways to support the community, the company will focus its charitable support around the following areas of need:

  • Programs that directly assist teens transitioning out of foster care
  • Programs that help homeless or jobless veterans 
  • Programs to address hygiene poverty 
  • Programs to address and raise awareness around period poverty

As a small business, we would love to build alliances in support of priorities that can have a direct, immediate and measurable impact. For larger projects, Bodytruth will welcome 1-2 programs or areas of need to support each year, allowing time to build a synergistic alliance that can assist in supporting and empowering those specific populations identified above. 

Here is an example of what a fundraising project could look like.

Bodytruth Fundraising

For smaller initiatives, we are currently establishing a framework of circular giving that best align with our resources.  

For Bodytruth to assist in the best way possible, new requests submitted must fall within the charitable focus areas listed above. We will need lead-time to plan and secure supplies depending upon the project. Requests to partner for the current year should be submitted at least 60 days ahead of the deadline. If the request is related to the Fall/Winter holiday season, connect with us no later than July 15th.

We look forward to co-creating.