About Us

BODYTRUTH Soap Apothecary is an eco-conscious health and beauty company created by Womanpreneur, Stephanie Willis. Stephanie crafts her handmade skin care right here in Lawrence from plant based ingredients. She diligently crafts her skin care with love and care, in her storefront soap kitchen.

BODYTRUTH Soap Apothecary offers:

  • Bath Bombs
  • Beard Oil
  • Shampoo Bars
  • Shampoo & Conditioner (refillable)
  • Shea Butter
  • Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorant (refillable)
  • Facial Oil
  • Facial Masks
  • Facial Moisturizers & Serums
  • Exfoliating Body Scrub, and a variety of handmade soap. 


We believe in creating natural products with sustainable ingredients for a better environment. Demonstrating environmental awareness, we use eco-friendly packaging and now offer refills on several goods from our Shampoo and Conditioner to Pit Paste. We now offer shampoo bars and conditioner bars for a no-packaging option!

While we aren't completely plastic-free, we continue to make strides towards zero waste while crafting amazing skin care!


In November 2019, we made the lovely city of Lawrence our home and we're located at 10 E 9th, Lawrence, KS 66044

BODYTRUTH SOAP APOTHECARY is a black, woman owned business.