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😲 We are currently on pause... thank you for your understanding!
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Is Pick Up Service Still Useful?

Things are shifting from day to day in the world of small business. The impact of the pandemic of 2020 has made business anything but predictable. No two days have been alike; kind of like our Kansas weather patterns (Tuesday it was 70, Wednesday it was 30). These last two years have taught small businesses to expect the unexpected. It's been pivot, about-face and forward march.

In business, we make quick decisions as we adjust to constant changes in the environment. After some time we have to revisit those decisions to observe the impact and performance of the changes previously implemented. As we've come out of our bubbles, returned to work and re-engaged with the world, I've been wondering whether my hours are still relevant. Is pick-up service still a useful offering for this of business?

When I envisioned opening Bodytruth, I intended for it to be a destination place, a tranquil space with a nature inspired vibe where people could take off the day. In some way it's done that but the full unfolding of Bodytruth's storefront vision, was slightly derailed by the pandemic.

Now we're almost back in the full swing of things and although I acknowledge pickup service was highly valuable to the community and the business, I no longer consider it a value added service today. To embrace Bodytruth's initial vision, I've chosen to replace the convenience of pickup, with the personal attention of shop-by-appointment. Since part of the attraction to pickup service was the social distancing aspect, shop-by-appointment provides a worthy bridge between social distancing and personal service. I am excited to see how this pivot enhances your overall shopping experience.

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