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Sound Practitioner - Paul Rudy - Sound Healing

The GARDEN OF EDEN Sound Journey is about planting and watering new seeds of experience in your life.

Are you ready to dive deeper within to discover your heart’s desire and explore your truth? Are you ready to discover your true identity? Are you ready to prune the dead branches in your life and make room for new experience to spring forth and blossom? Are you desiring to break the chains in your life of bad habits, self-limitations and recurring experiences?

"After 2020 created a worldwide vibration of fear and uncertainty, it likely left you feeling fragmented, mentally scattered and emotionally scarred. Sound healing brings you back to 'being' centered, grounded and able to make sound choices in the present. It helps you to remove the cement shoes that may have caused you to feel stuck. It can help restore clarity around who you are, where you are and what choices you have before you. These sessions are pretty amazing with profound results! If you have not experienced one before, now is the time."

This sound healing session will be the catalyst that helps you to break free from whatever may be holding you captive! You'll gain more clarity around your life and your self expression.



The "Garden of Eden" represents the mind and this sound journey series center around the natural cycles and seasons presented by nature itself. It supports planting new "seeds of change" in your mind so you can experience those changes in your life.

Join Sound Practitioner, Paul Rudy (@PaulRudySoundPractitioner) and Plant Alchemist, Stephanie Willis (@Bodytruthbar) at Bodytruth’s Creative Space for a complete mind, body, spirit experience that will center and align your energies.

On this day, you will immerse your SELF in a life changing 1-hour sound bath.

This dynamic session will aid you in clearing the cluttered thoughts and limiting beliefs that have kept you from being you and expressing your truth. It is out with the old and in with the new and what better timing than NOW.

The mind, body and spirit desires peace and order, thus, this trinity must harmonize in unison to achieve oneness and manifest positive change. Stephanie and Paul artfully employ aromatherapy and sound therapy to support your journey within. This one-hour session will bathe you in a sensory experience that ‘tunes’ your energies into coherent alignment. We hope that you will choose to join us to receive this experience and witness a radical shift within.

We request that you:

  • Bring your offering - what do you want to let go of (release)?
  • Bring your intentions - what are you desiring to create (receive)? 
  • Bring your favorite crystal to accompany your sound bath session (optional).
  • Bring a yoga mat if you have one (optional).
  • Bring your whole SELF and be ready to shift.


Stephanie Willis is an alchemist, carefully transforming life giving plants into penetrating holistic skin care designed to integrate mind, body and spirit. We know that scent is strongly connected to emotion and memory and she employs aromatherapy to craft skin care (@bodytruthbar) with the intention to inspire new joy filled memories, generating feelings of peace, self-love and happiness. Her aromatic, essential oil infused products offer a deep sense of connection to the inner self. The aromas also promote relaxation, which can help induce calm, deep breathing, sinking you deeper into your mediation sessions.

Dr. Paul Rudy (DMA) has been called “The High Priest of Sound” and “Sage.” In addition to leading meditations, Paul composes instrumental and electronic art, practices sacred sound, sound immersion, and sound healing.

Paul’s masterful use of sound creates movement in and around trapped energy for a planetary inner shift. Paul possesses the unique ability to connect with your energy, delivering resonance that grounds you in earth energy; whispers to the spirit like the wind; flows over your body like water; and consumes your declarations like fire. This amazing sound washes over you, transmuting and transforming stuck energies, while inspiring your creative forces to awaken.


We are offering 2 high vibrational sessions Sunday 5.16.21. A morning session at 11:45 AM and an evening (candle-lit) session at 7:45 PM. Sound bathing will last an hour but we are making space for 2 hours in each session. There will be a brief intro to the session to prepare you for a profound experience. After that comes the sound bath and aromatherapy. The sound that encapsulates the space will bathe you in a vibratory alignment. After the sound bath, there will be a resting period, allowing time for you to integrate the experience if needed and share with one another if desired.

Gift this session to yourself or someone else
Price: $99


For more info about Paul and his amazing work, visit his website at or his FB page @PaulRudySoundPractitioner.

*Note: The Garden of Eden is offered quarterly, the next session is in August 2021.

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