Ingredient Transparency

You’re concerned about the ingredients you use on your skin. We get that; that's why we don't use 'formulations' in our products. Who know's what's lurking in those! Aside from the pure, therapeutic, essential oils sourced from our certified partner supplier(s), we blend our own organic botanical infusions to maintain purity of ingredients. This ensures that there are no unnecessary flowing agents, preservatives nor stabilizers added to our product. Every ingredient is a 'single' 'raw' ingredient. With so many people suffering from distressing skin conditions, it is our utmost desire that my company remains transparent, allowing you to make an informed decision concerning the products and ingredients you put on your skin.

The ingredients used in our products are derived from pure plant sources. Our promise to you is that there are NO synthetic oils, synthetic colorants, synthetic preservatives, nor artificial stabilizers used in your skin care. All of the oils and butters used in our soaps and body butters are extracted from the kernels, fruits, seeds and nuts of plants sourced from all over the world. We then choose premium, therapeutic essential oils, from carefully chosen plants, to nurture your skin. True essential oils are extracted, often by steam distillation, from the leaves, bark and flowers of plants, capturing the beneficial properties of those plants and delivering those benefits to you!

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