Why Choose Our Products

The BODYTRUTH brand was founded out of necessity for clean products that would support whole-body healing. Since our humble beginnings, we have artfully created purposeful products to meet the needs of our valued customers. Today, we continue to build our brand upon a commitment to 'whole-body' wellness for our family and yours! 

Purpose Driven

It isn't just about the soap. We were determined to deliver super clean skin care that would (1) protect skin, (2) speed healing and recovery time and (3) improve overall skin health. In a nutshell, our brand was created to improve your skin! 

All of our products are thoughtfully hand crafted with high quality plant ingredients. We generously infuse our products with herbs, teas, fruit & vegetable, extracts and therapeutic essential oils to nourish your skin.

If you’re new to BODYTRUTH, we recommend you try our signature soap, Peppermint Sea Salt Detox and our Eczema Recovery shea butter for transformative daily skin renewal.

Commitment To Quality

We operate with an unwavering commitment to provide a pure product. In keeping with our own desire for excellence and commitment to quality, our core suppliers are ISO 9001 certified; certified Organic; Kosher and Vegan.

BODYTRUTH, LLC supports the Greener Life Club. With a low carbon footprint*, our brand is eco-friendly, animal friendly, and bio healthy. 

* based on the The Nature Conservancy, carbon calculator.

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